Eligible Uses of Funds

  • Youth development
  • Open space preservation
  • Maintenance and expansion of athletic fields
  • Arts & culture
  • Community & economic development

Grants applications will be accepted by October 15. Nonprofits and other organizations are encouraged to apply for projects that help Gray become a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community.

IRS rules require that we award funds only to 501c3 organizations (or a municipal entity). If your group does not have this IRS designation, try working with the town or an established nonprofit to serve as your fiscal sponsor.

Proposals will be reviewed by the full GCE board. The board will develop a contract with awardees spelling out the grant purposes, and require a follow-up letter at grant completion (or 12 months, whichever is sooner). Click here for the GCE grant application. If you have any questions about a project you are considering, please contact a GCE board member for more guidance, or submit an inquiry: