Our mission is to provide strategic leadership and resources to help make Gray a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community.

GCE is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 2001 to inspire and facilitate locally focused philanthropy.  Donations to GCE’s endowment are invested with the Maine Community Foundation to create a permanent fund. Some of the interest earned is given to nonprofits and local groups for projects benefiting the town of Gray, and some is reinvested to help the fund grow.

GCE may also choose to undertake projects that benefit Gray, such as the expansion of the trail network and land conservation on Libby Hill (see Libby Hill History). Beginning in 2001 GCE led the effort to develop the trails, negotiated donations of land, created the Friends of Libby Hill to maintain the trails, and successfully raised $160,000 from the Land for Maine’s Future Fund, foundations, corporations, and local donors to buy a 29 acre parcel that was critical to the integrity of the Libby Hill trail network. The Save Libby Hill Campaign was successful in preserving an outstanding recreational resource for the people of Gray. It also brought together a group of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life who were united in their vision of a four-season, multi-purpose trail network. While we built trails on Libby Hill, we were building community as well.

GCE is led by a volunteer board made up of Gray residents. No GCE board member or volunteer can benefit financially from operation of the endowment or a GCE award. Grants are used for youth development & education; preservation of open space; maintenance and expansion of athletic fields; arts & culture; and, community & economic development.