The Gray Community Endowment (GCE) is committed to our community and promotes activities that help Gray remain a vibrant and wonderful place in which to live. We could not help our community or support local community members without your continued generous support.

With increased donations towards the Gray Community Endowment, the Endowment can improve support for the youth and adults in our town by expanding their opportunities to explore and grow. Just a few examples of these opportunities for growth are: expanding hiking and skiing on Libby Hill trails; the potential for more bicycle and walking paths as a result of the Bike-Ped Plan; and for all of Gray’s nonprofit groups to work collaboratively towards a common goal of improving the quality of life for our community members.

GCE’s Mission is to “provide strategic leadership and resources to help make Gray a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community”. This past year we focused on the “strategic leadership” part of our mission. Now it’s time to emphasize our energy on the “resources” part of our mission, this is where we need your help most.
This year we will continue to focus on building our endowment, which produces interest income that we use to make grants to Gray nonprofits. Currently it’s small, yielding approximately $600 a year to give back to Gray. We’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $100,000 from local sources over the next five years. We anticipate this additional capital to increase our yearly grant amounts to $5,000 per year. This substantial yearly increase will help make Gray a better place to live and better support our community’s members. Your support is critical in helping us attain this goal.

If you have given before, we thank you and hope you will continue your support. If you have not donated, please consider joining us in our fulfilling our Mission.

There are several ways for you to become a part of this work to benefit the town you live in:

  1. Make a gift of cash;
  2. Have your employer (if eligible) make a matching gift;
  3. Donate real estate;
  4. Leave a bequest in your will;
  5. Make a gift of appreciated stock (a gain in stock isn’t taxable if you donate it to GCE);
  6. Making gifts of valuable items such as a car, jewelry, antiques, or art;
  7. Naming GCE as the beneficiary of IRAs or other retirement funds, which can reduce the impact of taxes on the next generation’s inheritance.

Contribute Today ~ let’s all work together to build a lasting legacy for Gray!

Focus on Building